Our Services

Inspection & Diagnostics

With decades of experience, Globex field service engineers carefully inspect the condition, integrity, and reliability of industrial equipment and structures, placing special emphasis on cranes and industrial buildings. Globex inspectors are expertly trained to find and assess sources of potential trouble and determine fast, appropriate, and "innovative" solutions for problems that could stop production operations.

Condition Inspection of Cranes, Runways, Buildings & Similar Structures
Our inspection services can be done by either an individual project basis, or a complete multi-year inspection program. We inspect various facilities including cranes, crane runways, gantries, mill buildings, bridges, towers, pipe supports, stacks, tanks, and many other structures. Our inspection reports also come with findings and even our recommendations for repairs or replacements required by the identified deficiencies. Detailed procedures are available for repair and are required for damage items.

Inspection Program Development & Administration
In addition to actual physical inspections, we offer services to track and manage the deficiencies reported by using our in-house or the client's own database. We can utilize Passport™ or similar maintenance management system to be remotely connected to client's network. Through this connection, we can easily assign work orders for the correction of detected deficiencies while performing the inspection. Our clients can become remotely equipped with the latest systems for networking and communication with our field personnel.

Empty buildingEmergency Inspections, Accident Investigation and Failure Analysis
For emergency situations, we’ll provide our services on short notice as directed and authorized by our client. We will respond promptly to provide inspection services for any emergency situation as quickly as possible. Services for failure analysis and troubleshooting are also available to identify a problem at its source.

Non-destructive Examination of Steel Structures, Cranes, Runways and Lifting Devices
For emergency situations, we can provide non-destructive services on short notice. We practice prompt response times, providing inspection services for any emergency situation. Services for failure analysis and troubleshooting to identify the problem source are also available.

Globex Offers:
  • Condition Analysis of Equipment & Facilities
  • Nondestructive Examination (NDE) OSHA Accredited
  • OSHA Accredited to Certify Cranes, Material Handling Equipment & Lifting Devices
  • Alignment, Straightness and Elevation Survey of Rails, Runways, Buildings, & Equipment
  • Electrical/Electronic Testing & Troubleshooting
  • Computerized Inspection Program Management & Documentation
  • Custom Preventative & Predictive Maintenance Program